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Van de Bilt seeds and flax bv was founded as a sowing seed company for flax cultivation in 1897. This family business has grown into a well-known company in the West-European sowing seed and flax industry. The company is characterized by having a vertically integrated production structure; meaning that there are several links of the agricultural chain under one roof.

Van de Bilt Seeds and Flax in a nutshell:

  • Breeding and Selection
    Development of new varieties for fiber flax, oil flax and sowing seeds.


  • Cultivation of flax in the Netherlands, Belgium and France
    Flax cultivation districts in all the important European cultivation areas.     


  • Production and sales of certified sowing seeds 
    Fiber flax, oil flax, winter wheat, summer barley, corn etc.


  • Flax straw processing
    Modern scutching factory for the transformation from flax straw to fibers (short & long).


  • Refinement of long fiber and the production of hackling sliver 
    Two efficient hackling lines comb the fibers and pull it into a sliver.


  • Trading flax sowing seed, fiber flax and other flax products 
    Global export of linseed and fiber flax (short fiber and long fiber).


  • Production and trading of fine oilseeds 
    Flax sowing seed, blue poppy, evening primrose and rapeseed.